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I'm a freelance writer and artist currently supported by a shaky shoestring budget and determination.

Donate little bite sized payments to help support me and my artwork! The more I make online the more content I can put out.

Commissions are open with each donation!

Rules for commissions:
1. I reserve the right to not accept commissions, which means if you think what you want might conflict with other rules, message me first before dropping in payment.
2. No not safe for work, artistic nudity is fine though
3. Gore is fine but give specifics
4. References will be requested

Headshot sketch: $9
Bust sketch: $12
Colored and shaded headshot: $15
Colored and shaded bust: $18
Fullbody sketch: $21
Fullbody flat color: $25
Fullbody full color/shading: $30
+an additional $9 for extra characters
+backgrounds are $10, without specifications commissions will have plain white for their backgrounds

Prices subject to change with time and experience!

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