Buy a Coffee for Cyranny
Hello there, Lovelies!

Most people know I don't drink coffee. And I certainly am not bold enough to think I can ask anybody to pay me to entertain, on The Internets!

But... (there's always a "but")

This (Ko-fi) exists, and if someone drops by, likes the experience in The Cove and would like to support me...

Well, I will not say no :)

Dang, I'll probably even do a little victory dance if someone leaves coffee money for me! (be assured that it will be changed into kroner right away!! Mouahahahaha)

So... thank you in advance, if you decide to translate your appreciation into a contribution! But really, don't feel bad for not doing so... I really don't know why I link this in for, in the first place!! Mouahahahahahaha...

*Big hugs*

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