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Hello hello! This is the Ko-Fi of Friendlytroll! You may know me for my ranting and jokes on Twitter, my work on Archive of Our Own, my craft work, or maybe for those like five tumblr posts my comments are inexplicably popular on! Whatever the cause, welcome!

Ko-Fi is a great way to show your appreciation for my work with a tip! But it’s also where I offer… Fanfiction Sponsorship! How’s that work? Well, in short, like this! 1☕️= 200+ words on the fanfiction in progress of your choice, and a special thank you!✨ (Fanfiction currently available to sponsor at the end of this post.) In long… If you are a fan of any of my ongoing fics and would like to see more more of that sweet sweet inevitably gay content, this is YOUR chance to contribute directly to that happening sooner rather then later! All it takes is a donation of 1 Coffee (3$), and the name of the fanfiction you’d like me to work on, and I will sit down and write 200 words minimum! The more coffees donated towards a specific Fic, the more I’ll work on it- and the sooner it’ll be done! All you have to do is make sure to leave a comment with your donation letting me know what fanfiction you’d like to sponsor AND if you would like to, make sure to leave your name so I can give you a special shoutout when the fanfiction goes live! Or if you want, you can even sponsor a fanfiction on behalf of a friend! Just let me know~ Writing fanfiction is something I just kind of do- it’s mostly just for myself. No matter what, some of what I’m working on WILL get finished. Eventually. But since I tend to work with multiple stories in progress, exactly WHEN any one specific fic will get finished is somewhat up to the whims of my motivation. Especially since due to my disability, how much ability I have to focus and write can be extremely limited. I’m hoping that by giving people a way to support me directly, I’ll be able to justify taking more time to work on finishing fics that otherwise could wind up staying on the back burner. And while I am open to taking commissions, I need to already be familiar with the media in an active way, and be interested in writing the prompt, AND have. Extremely limited slots. So this to me feels like a much easier way to handle things; You like what I’m writing, and can get more of it! (But that being said, if you’re interested in a fic commission you can DM me on twitter @DeFriendlyTroll for price quotes!) Thank you for reading! Obviously dropping a few bucks would be ideal but. At the end of the day, if you’re here, that means you like what I do- and that means the world to me! If money’s tight, honestly just leaving a comment letting me know what your favorite parts of this or that fanfiction would have me over the moon! Really that’s what motivates me most of all. Just. Yanno capitalism. Eyyyy~ Currently In Progress Fanfiction: (All fic with chapters already up are marked by a 📖 and are available to read at https://archiveofourown.org/users/friendlytroll/profile ! Unpublished fanfic have been given a short description, and are marked with a 📝. Fanfic which I don’t currently have a next chapter in the works for, but am open to continuing are marked with a 🔖) OK K.O., Let’s Be Heroes! Checking Boxes 📖 -Continuing Voxman fluff, with a new chapter that begins by covering the very first time Venom and Boxman spoke, and just what attracted Venomous in the first place. Stepfather? 📝 -Venomous awkwardly tries to bond with his new step-minion when Raymond comes to him to talk about an upgrade, but is soon facing down the barrel of having to deliver… *a supportive parental talk* about Raymonds increasing rivalry with a certain hero. (Platonic, Raymond and Venomous parental relationship, some discussion of ray/rad) Circling the Weekend📝 -It’s Saturday, and Venomous is trying to tell himself he’s ready for it this time. But he’s NOT ready for winding up in a ‘friendly match’ with Carol... (Venomous, platonic fatherly relationships, and platonic Whatever he Could Even Be To Carol. Takes place after The Big Reveal, but in a slight AU where we got a full season of Shenanigans and Let’s Get Shadowy hasn’t happened yet. Description vague for not-spoiling-people reasons.) Panache At The Plaza 📝 -After the events of Dendy’s Video Channel, Raymond is. Attempting to do his best to keep busy. And helping Radicles fix a tear in his uniform is better then nothing. They’re used to each other as rivals. But what do you do when there’s no actual reason NOT to just kinda. Hang out? (Romance, Ray/Rad.) Lupin III A Shootout At High Daddio📖 -The shooting match continues. (Jigen/Zenigata focus) The Care of Ishikawa Goemon 📝 -Zenigata’s a smart enough man to know when something bad’s happened to the Lupin gang, and tries to help the only way he knows how: staying away. Even if whatever happened to Goemon’s as bad as he’s ever seen it. But this time, maintaining the lines between cops and robbers might not be up to him if Lupin has anything to say about it. (Takes place after Danger! Goemon. Lupin/Goemon/Jigen/Zenigata group shipping, hurt/comfort.) (Not) Strictly Business 🔖 -(Fujiko/Zenigata focus, Semi-Platonic, Semi-Romantic.) Jail House Pops 🔖 (Inspector Hanshichi-Zenigata platonic found family, focus on Zenigata’s backstory.) (More as written, or discovered in my drafts)

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