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Freelance artist and writer, Amymone Montoya (Αμυμώνη Μοντουα), age thirty. I produce weekly comic series with chapters that are 12 pages long, however, in order to consistently update with such a large number of pages, I must produce all of my chapters a year in advance. Thanks to you and your continuous support, my stories and artwork have been made possible and I'm forever grateful to you!

Thank you for reading livNPC. By popular request, we're are now in the middle of producing the sequel. The scheduled release date is SEPTEMBER 2018! If you'd like to help the along sequel, please consider donating to our fundraiser. -[Summary]- Non-player characters (NPCs) are any game characters not controlled by a player, but here among the fifty MMORPGS hosted by the Galleria, these artificial individuals struggle against users to make a digital living for themselves. A side quest NPC finds himself unemployed and homeless when his bonus level is discontinued. His luck turns around when he receives help from two Samaritan boss NPCs...

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