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My name is Henrike Dijkstra, I make the free webcomic Recollection City and I am working on relaunching my blog Pencils & Stories about about how to take small steps to more creativity so you can overcome roadblocks, grow your confidence and productivity and finish the projects you undertake. (Coming 2018)

Henrike Dijkstra
Thanks for checking out my Ko-Fi page! <3

My name is Henrike. I make comics and I am working on relaunching my blog. My goal is to entertain you with stories about friendship, adventure and hope, and through my blog help artist overcome roadblocks, grow their confidence and productivity and finish the projects they undertake. (The blog will return in 2018)

If you like what I do, consider supporting my endeavours financially through buying me a tea or hot chocolate (I don't drink coffee haha). As a thank you, you will be able to download an image from Recollection City.

The money will go towards creating the comic, so I appreciate your support in making Recollection City! <3

I hire a flatter to help reduce the hours spend on the colouring of Recollection City. This goal wil help me pay for a year of flats and that will have saved me 100 hours of work. :)

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