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I'm a watercolor artist, quilter, portrait artist, and jewelry maker. A great lover of colors! Sometimes I write, and currently a lot of it is Dragon Age fanfiction as well as random bits of poetry. I'm disabled but doing my best to bring in some income via selling my art and craft work.

My husband and I have recently moved to a new home due to a house fire in the house we were living in. We're renters and our renters insurance has been taking good care of us. We had to live in a hotel for three weeks while searching for a new home. These combined have made finances extremely tight for us. Currently we're broke.

I'm offering three card tarot readings for $6; tips are happily welcomed.

Donations made will go towards a discount on a commissioned item. I make jewelry and quilt. With quilting I make hot pads, coasters, mug rugs, place mats, table runners, table mats and blankets of various sizes.

Help us buy food and pay our bills!

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