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I'm a watercolor artist, fourth generation quilter, and jewelry designer/maker (25+ years experience). I'm also disabled due to partially controlled epilepsy (video of my seizures below) and mental illnesses. I spend my time taking care of my home, quilting, painting, making jewelry, and doing my best to bring in a little more money selling my work. Any and all help is happily welcomed. Please look over the tier system I have set up for monthly contributors. I don't accept painting commissions, but I do sell prints and products with my work on them. My paintings are abstract interpretations of nature, including outer space, as well as what I see when I hear sounds after I have a seizure (I have synesthesia for a week or more after a tonic-clonic seizure).

I would love to make more quilts but I need money to do that. Being disabled makes that rather difficult because I'm on a fixed income, my husband is the only one who can work, and between us the bills are paid off. It's nice being able to pay the bills, but not so nice that I can't finish quilts. Please help support me. I sell my quilts online and it helps, but they don't sell often enough. Finishing my quilts will help add inventory and provides potential buyers more options to choose from. I will need your mailing address to send you your items (including the postcards). $5/month (one joyful moment): you'll receive a postcard! (all rewards listed below are available after three months of supporting me) $10/month (two joyful moments): you'll receive a postcard AND will be able to choose what mini thing you like: coaster, mug rug, or a single place mat. $15/month (three joyful moments): you'll receive a postcard and after three months choose to receive a set of coasters or three mug rugs or a four piece place mat set (set sells at $40 starting price). $25/month (five joyful moments): you'll receive a postcard and after three months choose between any of the above or receive a mini quilt (typically 30 x 30 inches, starting price is $100). $75/month (15 joyful moments): you'll receive a postcard and after three months choose between any of the above or receive a lap quilt (typically 50 x 50 inches, starting price is $250). If you'd like to receive jewelry I've made please let me know. $5 = bracelet/anklet (price starts at $5) $10 = bracelet/anklet or simple necklace (price starts at $15) $15 = bracelet/anklet, or simple necklace, or simple choker (price starts at $20 $25 = any of the above or necklace, or choker (price starts at $30) $75 = any of the above or a statement necklace or choker (price starts at $75) $100 = any of the above or a jewelry set (necklace or choker with two bracelets/anklets) (price starts at $150) For clarification, you'll be choosing items I have already made unless you wish to commission me. Jewelry is provided "while supplies last" because I don't make them very often and are typically commission only. For $75 and up it can be a custom-made item. My jewelry can be made metal-free, making it ideal for those with metal allergies. To donate higher than what the $5 listed you just need to click the up button. You can make it a one-time donation or monthly. If you wish to receive something from me as stated above you must make it monthly and leave a message for me (you can choose to make it private or public) telling me what you'd like once you hit the three month mark. If you want to commission me and would rather pay me via Ko-Fi than PayPal let me know BEFORE you send any money. We'll need to work out details and figure out the price of what you want. It'll be 50% up-front so I can purchase supplies, and the other 50% when it's finished. For more details contact me. If you'd like to purchase something I've already made and don't want to go through my shop please contact me. Thank you! © Renee Boyett aka Chaosfay, 2019. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Renee Boyett aka Chaosfay with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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