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I'm a watercolor artist, quilter, portrait artist, and jewelry maker. A great lover of colors! Sometimes I write, and currently a lot of it is Dragon Age fanfiction as well as random bits of poetry. I'm disabled but doing my best to bring in some income via selling my art and craft work.

Chaosfay says:
All the money will be put towards paying my bills. I'm disabled and my husband is the only source of income other than my SSDI. If we're caught up on bills the money is saved and put towards the next month. We're living check-to-check.

To help out however way I can I quilt, paint, and make jewelry. These I sell on Etsy, and sometimes I go months without selling anything. Still, making things results in feeling useful, helps alleviate a lot of the anxiety, and makes me feel better about myself. If you're interested in seeing/purchasing my work please do so. New things are added regularly.
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