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Hello! I am a YouTube singer and a VOCALOID producer going by the names Reoni✩ and Cawer. I also mix for other people and for myself. :)
I love to work with music and want to become more professional! You can help me creating better content by buying me some coffee, so I can make your ears enjoy much more! ♥

If you enjoyed in my content so far, please support my projects by buying me a coffee! ♥
Donations will be used for important personal things as well for music related stuff, please see below for exact planned music things!

• VOCALOID voicebanks
• VST Plug-Ins
• Professional FX Samples
• Singing lessons
• MIDI headphones
• Monitoring desk (mixer)
• Sony Vegas (for animation purposes)

Due to my mental health issues, such as extreme social anxiety and Schizophrenia I'm not able to go work or attend university. That's why support is very important to me to not stop believing in myself, to get motivation, because it's very demanding at the moment. Thank you so so much!! ♥
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Every Coffee counts!

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