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Student | Creative Writer | Graphic Designer | Voice Actress | Cosplayer | Builder of Prop Weaponry that has Little to No Practical Use in the Real World

Allison Rose
Your donation, however much, will have a positive impact on my creative endeavors - whether it helps me upgrade my voice-acting recording equipment, buy more supplies for my cosplaying projects, or simply stay awake at my writing desk with a cup of coffee. ^_^

Anyone who donates to a cosplay goal gets their name written on the finished product they've supported, somehow -- I'm thinking either writing it directly onto a prop, having a laminated card that attaches to it, or that gets worn on a lanyard with the costume.

Additionally, I would like to use my skills as a graphic designer to give back to those kind enough to support my cosplay and prop-making shenanigans.

< 3 Coffees = Shoutout on social media (IG / Twitter) as sincere appreciation for the "<3" you've shown my work

3+ Coffees = Some promotional graphic design work (e.g. business cards, collages, small flyers, social media banners) for cosplayer/cosplay-related activities

6+ Coffees = Photo effects edit (e.g. adding a glowing lightsaber blade or an otherworldly ambience) to a cosplay picture of your choice

Notes: I only work with family-friendly, safe for work imagery and content. If you become the subject of a graphic design / photo edit, I may ask your permission to include it in my design portfolio.

COSPLAY: Colonial Warrior Pilot Jacket (Battlestar Galactica) ($35)

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Every coffee counts!

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