Hi there, Main goal : As I said in my description, I am a self-taught artist. I want to improve my skills and also get new stuff for drawing. Any donation would help me buy new equipment, such as watercolors, ink, felts, pens, etc... Other goals (if I got enough tips) : I am also doing a visual novel game in french, but if I got enough money perhaps I could hire someone to help me translate it. I plan to do more creations based on my visual novel's universe. I also made a bunch of various tutorials on my Youtube channels to share tips and tricks with other fellow artists. I cover art topics and social medias tips mostly. But life is not free so I need to work lol. So any donation would be greatly appreciated! So that I can make more free stuff to help you :)! I would like to make a lot of thing, but I must work to live. So your donation can really help me making my dreams into true projects ! :) Thank you so much for stopping by, reading my page and for your coffee !

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