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I make art, and am currently doing my best to learn programming and game dev!
I want to make fun things with my characters and help others make games too.

Thanks to everyone who's donated to me before!! You've all helped me in quite a pinch.

This time I'm saving up money to move to Seattle and away from my parents in hopes to live in a less stressful, emotionally draining, and abusive environment so I can work on creating what I love to create. I still drive for Lyft when I can and I will be opening commissions as well... This is just out there for a little extra boost. If you like what I do or just wanna be kind, givin' me a ko-fi's super duper appreciated!

If you want a quick sketch from me, leave it in your donation message! Thank you so much~

(also yes, the paypal will have my dead name. sorry if that causes any confusion...)

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