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Thank you very much for your support! With your help I can make better cosplay! :D please add you email when you make your donation n.n and thank youuu Rewards: 2 Coffees = A wallpaper of the photoshoot of the month 3 Coffes = a fanzing (casual outfit) 5 Coffes = 10 photos from the photoshoot of the month 8 Coffees = the complete photoshoot(cosplay) 17 Coffees = Cosplay photoshoot + Lingerie Photoshoot NO REFUNDS after making your donation, thank you ► IMPORTANT RULE: I'm the legal owner of the copyrights and content you receive from your donation here. Sharing and reselling my work is prohibited and a crime. I don't allow any share, reuploading or reposting any of my content in other public website for others to download. These files are for PERSONAL use only. By making your donation, you agreed with the terms and conditions. Do you want past photosets? visit my store!

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