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Hi! My name is Samantha and I'm a university student studying English. I currently write work for the Miraculous Ladybug, Voltron, and Legend of Zelda fandoms. If I'm not sleeping or dying at school/work, you can usually find me holed up on a comfy couch writing!

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Hi everyone~ My name is Samantha, and as seen above, I'm a university student. Unfortunately, both my major and my minor requires a lot of essay writing, and more work hours to afford tuition and rent. But! With your support I will be able to spend more time doing what I love; writing! The money will be going towards general tuition fees and living expenses, so I don't have to work more than 18 hours/week during the school year. FOR THOSE OF YOU HERE FROM MY PATREON: IF YOU HAVE A FIC YOU WISH TO BE WRITTEN AND DO NOT WISH TO HAVE THE 'CHANCE' OF BEING PICKED, THIS IS A SURE-FIRE WAY OF HAVING YOUR IDEA BROUGHT TO LIFE. I AM STILL DOING ~EVERY~ FIC I AM COMMISSIONED FOR FROM HERE. But please also consider checking out my Patreon? [ ] If you wish to commission me, check out my commissions info post here: [ ] Even if you can only broadcast my page, I would appreciate the support, but the one-shots I hope are considered a good reason to potentially donate. Thank you very much for your future support!

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