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Welcome to my portfolio/commission/shop-ko-fi! =) I hope you have a great time while looking around! 💖 If you are enjoying what I create, please consider supporting me with my most favorite elixir of like - coffee! Or maybe join as a member for monthly support, if you'd like ;) Your rewards for supporting me: ☕️ Early Access to comic pages ☕️ Supporter Only Sketches & WIPs ☕️ Occasional Bonus Comics ☕️ Sneak peeks for upcoming projects ☕️ My eternal gratitude 💖 If you choose a higher membership tier there will be even more goodies, like stickers and stuff ;) There will be a lot of free-to-access stuff as well, don't worry if you choose to not support! Supporters just get a little something extra 💖 ;) Please don't hesitate to say "hi" or leave a comment, I love reading and answering those! ♥ Thank you for your support! ;) ♥

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