Finish recaps and reviews of all Supernatural episodes

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As of today (9/17/19), I have 54 episodes left to finish for previous seasons, plus the 20 for the final (15th) season. That's 74 total by next April. I currently have 144 coffees at $3 each. If I get 300 coffees total, I will commit to doing one recap and review per week (retro or latest season). If I get 400 coffees, I will commit to two. If I get 500 coffees, three reviews. If I get 600 coffees, four reviews and 700 coffees, five reviews per week. Any and all contributions are welcome!


Scifi author, editor, reviewer, and medieval historian. Winner of the World Fantasy Award in 2016. Likes astronomy, craft wine and beer (and chocolate), and rescuing cats and dogs. Dabbles in writing about local folklore. Reviews the show Supernatural.

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Paula R. Stiles
Welcome and thank you! Paula

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