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Writer and YouTuber with a caffeine addiction. Help me stay awake longer to produce more stuff~ ALL donations go directly towards the creation of new videos!

No casual interests: we hyper-fixate like men! Can't get enough of your favourite fandom? Let NyxRising Industries fill the gap!

Hi there! I'm Nyx; I'm the director and editor for our Youtube channel NyxRising Industries. If you like to drink in extra content based on all your favourite things, you're going to love our videos! We're a group of close friends who make cosplay parodies, drama series and music videos based on fandoms such as Harry Potter, Until Dawn, Night Vale, Hannibal, Merlin and more. All of our work is created in our spare time with our own funds, so I'd really appreciate a tiny donation to help keep me creating! Every donation I receive will go directly towards the Youtube content and we'll be sure to thank you in the credits.

Thanks for making it this far - please consider donating ;3; and if you do, please feel free to suggest anything you would like to see us make!

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