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Max is a writer, nerd, fangirl, reclusive genius & Canadian. She is a writer of fanfiction and an aspiring novelist.

Max Write:
Hi, thanks for visiting! I'm an aspiring novelist, currently writing fanfiction, much of which these days is RPF (real person fiction), which I feel counts as original writing. My fandoms have included Harry Potter, Star Trek AOS and the Mission: Impossible films, and I've written RPF for all of them. I've written a lot of explicit erotica, both of the vanilla and fetish varieties.

If you enjoy anything I've written, a small donation would be much appreciated and will be used to supplement my current income so that I can continue working towards my dream of becoming a published author.

If you'd like to know more about me, my writing process and my fandoms, I'll be blogging over at'>">

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