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Hey there! I do quite a bit of voice acting and comic dubs on the internet, and right now you might know me best for my work on the OVERWATCH AWNN and VG CATS AWNN comic dub series!

Any monies you may be willing to throw in my general direction for enjoying the Overwatch AWNN comic dubs would be greatly appreciated! Right now, the money would probably be thrown back into the production side of things: refreshing my yearly subscription with Soundsnap, and paying my actors and the artists (which I'm currently doing using the monies from Youtube ads).

The dream is to be able to get enough money from this so I can get a brand new shiny copy of the latest version of the Vegas video editing software (Pro 14 edit - currently $399 on Steam), instead of puttering around on Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0 which is what wow what seriously? NINE YEARS OLD? I'm putting these comic dubs together on nine year old software I just checked the "About" section and I am as shocked as you are. How is it still able to run on modern systems? Did I just jinx myself by asking that question?

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