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Hiya! I'm Otekah, a freelance artist and crochet nerd. I spend most of my online life on World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Hearthstone, and Twitter. As such, I draw a lot of inspiration from the worlds that Blizzard has created, as well as other video games, cartoons, and other pop culture-y things. Here lately, I've been pulled more towards my love of crochet. It's a nice physical activity that gives me a tangible object once finished and I absolutely adore the feeling of "I made dis." Drawing and crochet give me immense joy and I have a hard time focusing exclusively on one over the other, so I'll be doing both and my goals will reflect as such. I hope you all enjoy my work! Any donations are greatly appreciated!

Debating dropping Patreon (even though I totally redid it to be grandfathered in) for 100% Ko-fi action. Let me know what you think! 💖🐄💖🐄💖🐄💖🐄💖🐄💖🐄💖🐄

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