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I am a Spanish cosplayer and gamer! I am in love with videogames such as Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Metal Gear, Persona... And I am a little obsessed about Overwatch right now. D.Va, Mei, Mercy and Widowmaker are my loves. ♥

I also like a lot photography and I want to learn some edition tips for improving.

Tifa Valkyrie Cosplay
This week is going to be my Birthday, so I want to make a streaming of a Resident Evil videogame on Twitch. It could be fun!

Since Claire Redfield is my favourite character ever, I thought of playing Resident Evil Code: Veronica, or Resident Evil Revelations 2. Code: Veronica costs like 8$ on PS Store, and Resident Evil Revelations 2 is around 25$.

This is a small goal, since I want to prove if this can work. So, right now, this one is my only goal.

Thank you for all your support! ^^·

Resident Evil Code: Veronica for PS4

30% of goal

Every Coffee counts!

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