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I am a Spanish cosplayer and gamer! I am in love with videogames such as Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Metal Gear, Persona... And I am a little obsessed about Overwatch right now. D.Va, Mei, Mercy and Widowmaker are my loves. ♥

But I also cosplay a lot anime idols, though. Especially, Love Live!

I also like a lot photography and I want to learn some edition tips for improving.

Tifa Valkyrie Cosplay
I'd like to pay for professional photoshoots and pay to professional cosmakers. My actual situation doesn't let me do that. I really would like to contribute making people to be able to make this for a living!

Also, you can visit my Facebook Page or Instagram account and tell me which of my cosplays deserves a great photoshoot.

Thank you for all your support! ^^·

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Professional Photoshoot

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Every Coffee counts!

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