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Hey guys! As many of you know, I am extremely low on money and as I am starting college next year, I’d greatly appreciate some help. I have a lot of application & SAT/ACT fees I need to pay for to send to colleges, and getting some money (any at all) would really help. I also need to get my wisdom teeth removed ASAP because they are positioned at such an angle that the bottom two can and might hit my jawbone and either cause extreme pain or paralysis. I’m already on Medicaid but my specific type doesn’t cover dental. I got this one so it would cover my therapy and medical costs, but it doesn’t do my dental so any money towards that would be great. Trying to get money for college applications and dental work is impossible, in addition to the fact that I need a laptop as my computer recently broke. I will be using a new laptop for college as it is so any money to soften the blow would be great.
I know it’s a lot to ask but I was wondering if you guys could help to donate to my Buy Me a Coffee site that allows anyone to donate a minimum of $3 to the person. Thank you so much and if you donate at least $6 then I will write a one-shot fanfic for you of your choosing! Thank you!

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