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I am a cartoonist and writer who is also working on his M.A. thesis at CSUSM. You can read my comics by going to, check me out on twitter @hpkomic, or read my blog about creating and thesis at You could even give the podcast a try, too!

I need coffee to fuel my work and general sense of being!

I opened this Ko-fi page specifically for getting some coffee here and there from folks who enjoy my comics and cartoons. I have no goal beyond receiving a tip here and there for caffeinated beverages that fuel my researching and writing. Most of the support I receive goes to pay for my collaborators.

Any support via Ko-fi unlocks access to the exclusive Patron Discord channel where you can see previews and chat with me about comics and more, anytime. Contact me via twitter for the link once you support me via Ko-fi. :)

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