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What's up,~
I'll try to do a doodle or whatever for everyone who drops some monies on me here, but MAKE SURE YOU READ THE RULES BELOW!

if you include a simple request with your "coffee", I'll do you a doodle!

-any amount will get a doodle (lower amounts will just be super rough/simple)
-all requests and ref must be kept SFW!
-fetishes are not SFW.
-if you DO NOT have sfw ref, please WARN ME and mark your comment as PRIVATE
-ref needs to be hosted somewhere PERMANANT! if the link breaks/dies i might not be able to do the art for you. (no dropbox links!)
-fanart, original characters and non specific requests like for "a dragon" are all fine.
-I NEED ref if you want me to draw your original character
-if you've ignored the rules, you probably won't get art!
-finished requests are posted here AND to my twitter @maimface OR FA for animations (its easier to download them off there)

$15 minimum, usually these are done pretty fast
-include the following info in the comment section:
-Link to reference (it's good to include species if it isn't listed on the ref)
-simple description for what you want (theme/expression/whatever)
-How you want to be “credited” (your name or URLs)
-Email/contact info, if you want me to send it directly to you (otherwise I’ll post them to twitter/tumblr/FA as they’re completed!)

SPECIAL: for $9 instead
-any request related to like “teeth” or “maws”
-any “horror”/halloween themed prompts
-just make sure it’s still SFW!

-FOR NONSPECIFIC/GENERIC: any SFW description is fine, I'll try to make something out of whatever you've provided.
-FOR FANART: character's name, origin, and what you want them doing
-EXAMPLE: "pikachu, from pokemon, taking a nap."
-FOR OC's: name, accurate ref, and what you want drawn. Specify that you want a doodle not a headshot.
-If you want to be credited, include a name/url etc

$30 minimum, include the following info in the comment section:
--should be something short and simple that I can loop
--will usually be around 10-15 frames
--wait can be pretty long on these!
-SPECIFY that you want an animation
-What you want the character doing
-Include ACCURATE REF if it's an OC
-Include character's name and origin, if it's fanart

if you're hoping for something "nicer" a proper commission would be the way to go

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