Lagartha - Vikings

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Full Scail Mail armour


My cosplay is unique because it’s NOT perfect, and you can tell it’s handmade. I like to change up designs to make costumes more suitable to my tastes. I like to carry big weapons- I owe a lot of credit to my dad who helps me with prop development. I think cosplay is for everyone- it’s about paying tribute to your favorite creators and favorite characters. Here’s what you can expect from me while following my work: 1. I will only make cosplays of characters I LOVE! 2. I will challenge myself to hand make as much as possible. 3. I will focus on con presence over social media presence. 4. I will support my fellow cosplayers. 5. I will try to make new friends, and have fun with this hobby! Thank you for checking out my work. My goal is to keep growing and delivering better and better content to people like you, who love the same stuff I do!

I will use all donations to fund my cosplays!

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