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***CLICK THE 'MEMBERSHIPS' TAB IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT ME ON A MONTHLY BASIS WITH REWARDS!!*** Hello everyone! I make videos on my YouTube channel. They cover politics, history, society, etc, with an emphasis on covering things outside of the normal focus on the US/Europe. I also have a Twitch stream where I cover these same topics, and a second channel where I upload more off-the-cuff videos. I studied History and Politics, and considered pursuing an academic career. However, the main audience of academic research is other academics, and while I think they do very valuable work, its inaccessibility conflicts with my personal ethics. The content of these paywalled journals and prohibitively expensive books are out of reach of most people, but I believe they are so important that they should be accessible to everyone. That's why I decided to make a YouTube channel instead: to make videos that anyone can watch, with the freedom to cover a much broader range of topics. Does my content sound good to you? Then feel free to give me some money, if you'd like. This is my full-time job, so it all helps immensely! I work 200+ hours a month on my main channel content and aside from Patreon covering my own everyday expenses, I also invest a whole lot of what I from here back into my content. I aim to post at least a video every 4-6 weeks on my main channel, and if for some reason I can't meet that aim it will probably be because I'm working on something that simply takes more time, in which case I will always keep my Patrons updated. On my second channel, I usually upload at least 5 unscripted videos per month, and I stream to twitch once or twice per week.

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