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🔔 I'll post on days I do more than 1 hour of non-NDA drawing, I cap whatever's on the screen when I wind down for the night, irregardless of presentation or quality. 👻 If there's days with no capture, it simply means I didn't work/make progress that day, or I'm not legally allowed to share what I worked on. 📆 The majority of updates will be EoD captures, and likely happen Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs (my drawing work days), but very easily more often if I have flexible extra time over the weekends. 💲 Posts will be as liberally public as possible, but there's a paywall for art that can't be freely public for whatever reason at time of production (e.g. progress on an illustration for an upcoming zine, spoiler designs for projects, etc), both for WIP and full completion. ✅ After officially published/revealed, existing paywalled WIP and Early Bird images will be unlocked. General work that was shown WIP stages here will be also be crossposted to this account's gallery for completion's sake. 🧐 If you're subscribed to any Membership Tier, shoot me a question in DM's and I will answer in a public blog post. 📽️ I stream on ⛔ Don't repost or make use of any content on this account, please and thank you.

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