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I'm a guide who have instinctive knowing in the Now. I am designed to serve others through Logical and Spiritual approach. I also write, take photos and teaching the spiritual aspect of Anxiety. If you like my post or want to explore information on Human Design, feel free to exchange for coffees. Thanks!

Rose Osman:
Hello, I'm Rose Osman.
I'm currently looking for a funding to support my education in Human Design. I finished all the foundation courses and now looking for an opportunity to go for a professional level.

If you like my post and the photo-stories, would you buy me a coffee?

Alternatively, if you want to grasp the knowledge of Human Design but it is too expensive to get a reading, you can have a coffee hangout with me. The exchange for coffee would be:
a) Five (5) coffee for 30 minutes skype
b) Ten (10) coffees for 60 minutes skype.

All coffee purchases will be spent on educations fees and books.
Thank you for supporting me on this journey.

I love you,
Rose Osman.

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Education Fund for Human Design Professional Level

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