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🦄 Illustrator, elder goth, crazy cat lady, dairy-freegan, spoonie, coffee junkie☕️ twitter @hgr0 🖤Drawing cute things, creepy things, unicorn things, and mini comics. Painting flowers, landscapes, and boss women doing boss things. Like a boss!

Hey human hey! Heather a.k.a. HGRÖ here, nice ta meetcha!

During the work week I’m a 3D artist but all the rest of the time I’m drawing, painting, and making videos about drawing and painting. 🎨💕 I’ve gotten so much encouragement on Facebook and Instagram for which I am so super thankful!

I made this ko-fi page for folks who enjoy my free content and would like to help me keep HGRÖ Studio going. Every little bit is greatly appreciated! Thank you for your support!

A giclee printing setup for my studio

10% of goal

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