Art and Stories by Diana Pomeroy

I use Ko-fi donations for funding the publication of my dinosaur fantasy novel, 'Iara's Crossing,' along with its merchandise and any original art pieces I choose to sell. The donations go toward recuperating the cost of merchandise production (enamel pins, bookmarks, sticker sheets) and the printed copy cost. They also go toward my creative goals, including travel and the purchase of needed art/craft supplies to continue to make awesome art! Ko-fi donations get you these rewards: -Full access to locked posts about 'Iara's Crossing'-find out how I made the book and comics, with exclusive behind-the-scenes content! -Exclusive, one-of-a-kind merchandise for 'Iara's Crossing' -Exclusive, one-of-a-kind artwork, original pieces and reprints! -The e-book versions of 'Iara's Crossing' -Unending gratitude and floofy feathered dino love forever! <3

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