Susan T Braithwaite

Hello, beautiful adventurers! I'm Susan, your guide through heart-racing tales of love entwined with the mystery of espionage. Here, in our cosy corner of the internet, every word weaves us closer, and every story is a journey we embark on together. Your support on Ko-Fi? It's the lifeblood of our shared escapades. Here's how we'll use this incredible platform: Keeping Our Digital Home Welcoming: Your contributions ensure our blog and website remain the warm, inviting space where we meet to share stories and dreams. Crafting Tales That Enthrall: From drafting to the final polish, your support helps me dive deeper into the narratives, bringing you more of the stories you love. Cover Art That Captivates: Together, we'll wrap our tales in covers that promise adventure, romance, and mystery at first glance. Every coffee you send my way is a cheer for creativity, a vote of confidence in our tales, and a crucial support in bringing these stories from the shadows of our minds into the light of day. So, why not join this fellowship of story lovers? Your support is not just appreciated; it's celebrated. It turns the dream of storytelling into our shared reality, creating a world where anything is possible, and every tale is an adventure we've taken together. Thank you for being here, believing in this journey, and considering lending your support. Let's continue to make magic, one sip of coffee at a time. Stay awesome, Susan x 🌈📚💖

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