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Freya Amari

Thank you so much for checking out my page! With each Ko-fi I shall create one free background for everyone to use! That way everyone can benefit~ Free to Use - Rules: 1: Do not use my free backgrounds in commission work. 2: Do not animate my work without my permission. 3: Credit MUST be given under a credits panel on twitch and link back to my twitter or my ko-fi. Credit must be given under every Youtube video my work is seen on. "Background / Overlay Design: Freya Amari" 4: Don't resell or redistribute my designs! I retain all commercial rights to my designs. You may use them for your own streams as long as proper credit is given. 5: Credit would be appreciated if using my backgrounds on twitter AND VGEN for a debut trailer / showcase. (ex: credit on the showcase video would be fine. You can just say Background: @/FreyaAmari ) Please follow my rules. If I find that you are not following my terms of service, I will try to handle things privately. But please, just leave a credit panel with my name under it. - You may NEVER use my work in any form of NFT. Even commission work is not allowed to be used in any kind of NFT or cryptocurrency.

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