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We are an actual play Pathfinder podcast concurrently running two campaigns: Sword Art Online: AOD follows the story of the “Antithesis of Darkness” guild on their journey to simply survive being trapped in a video game, much like in the anime. This campaign is inspired by SAO as well as the abridged series but maintains a unique story, characters, and plot along with the inclusion of magic. This ain’t your mommas’ Sword Art Online. Now put on your nerve gear and prepare to shout “link start!” In The Gate Chronicles, receiving $10,000 for a ten night sleep study seems too good to be true. And after waking up in an unfamiliar world, several strangers realize they might not get that money after all. Surviving in this foreign landscape will require their cunning, skills, and a lot of luck. Release Schedule: SAO - Sundays 9am EST TGC - Bi-weekly Wednesdays 9am EST

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