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I'm a pixel artist and programmer making free resources for game developers.

Kelvin Shadewing says:
Hello all! I'm Kelvin! I'm making a set of free game assets, including pixel art, sound effects, and designs. I'm also making an open source game development kit called XYG Studio, and with it, an open source game called Kyrodian Legends.

Donations made here will help me invest more time in development of these things, as well as allow me to hire other artists to help me with Kyrodian Legends, including buying sketches for characters that I can turn into pixel art for the game and people to help me design levels.

My goal is to buy art of each of my characters to use in game development as well as hardware for testing my game engine on.

Current systems I own:
* Windows PC
* OpenPandora Rebirth Edition
* GCW-Zero
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