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A newbie(ish) cosplayer with a really expensive cat. Also a webcomic where the site needs finishing. Want a laptop before that

Kitalpha Hart
Doodle my life, draw a webcomic, cosplay everyone I want

Pipe cleaners: Oichi from Sengoku BASARA *currently getting together how it'll be done*
No pipe cleaners: Summer Blizzard by T.M.Revolution *currently have a couple things in possession, figuring out that top*

On the list:
Tsuruhime from Sengoku BASARA: anime version *half complete by virtue of original version, found hakama pattern to mod for skirt*
Fuma Kotaro from Sengoku BASARA
Yiga Footsoldier
Sakai Tadatsugu/Hot Limit: Sengoku BASARA/T.M.Revolution
Pascal from Tales of Graces *have the scarf lol*

Step one: laptop
Step two: webcomic
Cosplay doesn't have a step cuz it can and will pop up at any time
Anything earned towards one step and isn't used will go to the next

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