leila 🌷

Hey there! I'm Leila, I'm a content creator from Mexico City currently working as an independent IT consultant, and in my free time I like to write about many topics that interest me like civil aviation, personal finances and public transport. I've also recently taken to start making music and I have an EP in the works that I plan to release on Summer 2024. Due to recent events in my life regarding domestic abuse, I've decided to start looking for a new place to live and better job opportunities. etc, but I haven't been able to progress much as there are some costs that are holding me back from a lot of it which I cannot afford to take on fully. I've decided to set up a Ko-Fi page as I've seen that people around me want to support me, this way I'd be able to allocate more of my monthly budget towards my emergency fund so I can move out or pay any necessary expense that might come up. My current main "expenses" are regarding HRT, data plans (I don't have internet at home) and food. Which are currently taking most of my budget and don't allow me to do much aside from keeping me in a weird cycle that I'm trying to escape. All help is welcome, from some pennies to thousands, just remember to donate only if you have the means to!

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