Hello, everyone! :) Oct. 12, 2022: Exciting news! I'm going to be updating my Ko-fi page to use its Membership option as well as the Commissions feature to better serve you! I'm trying not to overwhelm myself but I think I finally have figured out some things. Now, I just need to test them. I'll probably do one thing at a time to see how they work. Once I know it's all working as it should, I plan on posting a video in this Intro section, explaining all my offers to you. It's been a LONG time since I've felt this excited, so cross your fingers for me! If it works, I'll be able to, once again, be available for mediumship readings, life coaching, maybe even do a little streaming on Twitch for fun (yup, you can give me a tip for entertaining you with my game-play, via Ko-fi; cool, huh?), and...maybe something else?! ;) I have to take it one step at a time, though. I know you understand. Please stay tuned by following me here on Ko-fi. Thank you for your patience! 🙏 Love and light to all of you. 💞🕯️ Be well, stay safe. 💜 ~Lisa

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