Uhm, More? Website Costs

18% of $100 goal

Since I never expected to meet the first goal, I am a bit unprepared here. Let's just say, uhm, More Website Things?


I'm a Widower Dad Viking Bear. An awkward sentence, but it sums me up really well. I REALLY love to write too... It doesn't matter if it is Shakespearean style sonnets, Evil Fae Goddesses on a revenge tour, Cthuluesque terror, or the delightful exploits of a worldwide crime syndicate; I love to write all things. I set this up at the behest of a few people who told me that perhaps it would benefit me and I very humbly thank anyone who gives anything at all for my little writings.

Welcome to my Ko-fi Page. If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting what I do. Thank you so very much for any and all contributions.

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