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Freelancer designer/3D artist from Portugal working with textures, low poly and product viz.

João Paulo
Howdy. For those who don't know me I'm a freelancer designer/3D artist from Portugal. I'm working with Blender and I'm creating free textures with several PBR maps and 3D Models over in my blogs ( and ).

I create this page so that you guys can have the choice to support me and my projects.

So, if you want to help me and support me buy me a Ko-fi and I'll continue creating textures and 3D models and some photogrammetry assets (as soon as I have a decent lens).

Anyone who supports me will be given links to where I keep all my textures and 3D Models and can download them with just one click.

Supporters who give 4 or more coffees will be given the links to all of my textures and 3D Models AND a free copy of my premium Texture Pack - Volume 1 as seen here:

The link to the Texture Pack will be given through the paypal email.

Other places where you can find my work:

All the best and keep creating awesome art.

Supporting my blog and cloud service yearly costs (Done) - Now, save up for a new camera lenses for photogrammetry.

76% of goal

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