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Hi, I'm Nicholai (aka. yozhikisblue) I create comics and illustrated fiction. My stories are inspired by Soviet magical realism, dark fantasy and Southern Ontario Gothic, while also exploring more personal themes- the interactions of queer and ethnoreligious identity, class conflict, overcoming trauma, and seeking a place of safety (or freedom- can we ever have both?) in a tumultuous world. Find me @yozhikisblue on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, Gumroad ( or on my portfolio and sometimes-art blog,

Yozhik is Blue (Nicholai)
Thank you for taking the time to visit my Ko-fi page! The purpose of this page is essentially what it says on the tin- if you enjoy my work, and would like to show your appreciation, or else just help me deal with the practical concerns of day-to-day life so I can focus more on producing new work for your enjoyment- please consider a donation. And whether you decide to donate, or want to demonstrate your support in some other way, please- don't hesitate to let me know on one of my social media profiles @yozhikisblue.

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