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Unfortunately like you know, time is money... Help me doing more art with your ko-fi gifts. This way I can spend more time painting and less time loosing it by doing others time-consuming things. Thanks for your support!


Freelance Illustrator Mains themes: Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Portraits Dominions 5 Maps and Mods Maker Taking commissions, don't hesitate to contact me :)

Hello I am Pymous, Freelance Illustrator. I am also a Modder, creating content for some games like Skyrim (Immersive Settlements mod, more than 130000 unique downloads) and Dominions Illwinter games series since many years : - Maps : Biddyn, Peliwyr, Snerdryn, Hexawyr, Edowyn, Atha Avin - Mods: Omniomicon Total conversion (New nations: Ledan, Smerv, Plavendel, Voilans - Sketchs / Artworks: Check ko-fi Gallery page or on Steam, Artstation and my website. If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting what I do. Thank you!

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