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I'm a bicyclist looking to make a film on US Healthcare, and to map resources across the country.

I am organizing a national bike ride for Healthcare as a Human Right. Health care bills are the #1 reason for bankruptcy in the USA — including among people who are insured — and medical error is the 3rd leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer. The real world offers many paths forward to a better system: it's time to discuss them. I plan to interview people along my bike route, and create a DIY film for the fall. As a part of planning and then documenting the trip, I will create maps of healthcare and bicycling resources across the USA. I am looking for other riders to join me for a segment or more of the ride. Contact me if you would like to be interviewed or ride with me. There are so many rides related to healthcare that Reform Cycle can act as an umbrella for bicyclists already planning to be on the road in 2018. If you are riding in the AIDS/Lifecycle ride, for example, please consider spreading the word about healthcare as a human right as well. If you are tempted to ride but need a supported experience, join an existing ride like the Bicycle Ride Across Georgia (BRAG). These state rides have planned stops with refreshments and even a sag-wagon in case something happens with your bike. Some trips also make arrangements for all of your gear so you don't have to carry it. Take your kids on rides like this to introduce them to bike camping! And step them up on rides so that they could do a longer one by 2020. The trip itself is personal process for me as a patient and creator, and a physical challenge that I crave and badly need after giving up my biking habit for several years in the wake of illness. Bicycling is both therapeutic and meditative, qualities that I want to emphasize in the current political atmosphere. Reform Cycle is an opportunity to get involved in the debate, and make your voice heard in your community, nation, and world. Please volunteer to be interviewed for my film, and support my journey through your hometown.

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