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I’m a spoonie (EDS & VWD — living with chronic pain and fighting my chronic illnesses) who has a plethora of hobbies and loves creating content for the alternative fashion community, beauty community, and cosplay community! I enjoy supporting my favorite fandoms and creating new content through fanfiction, art, and cosplay. Your support will help me create more great content!

Alice in Lolitaland
Welcome to my Ko-fi Page! ♡ Here are the rewards for your support: ❤ 2+ ko-fi donors receive a fansign! ❤ 5+ ko-fi donors receive a hand-written thank you card in the mail! ❤ 10+ ko-fi donors receive all of the above plus a shoutout on my Instagram story! ❤ 20+ ko-fi donors receive access to my Snapchat! Make sure to message me if you would like to receive any of the rewards when you donate. If you want a different reward, I can also swap out the above rewards to fanfics and doodles/drawings. Let me know what your preference is, and I'm happy to accommodate. Your support is appreciated! ♡

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