Katie Pritchard

Hello! It's your old pal Pritchy here. I make comedy and music and sometimes do silly art as well. I self-produce almost everything that I do, I also design all of my artwork, make all of my own costumes, and record all of my songs at home! I have been working away saving up to do my Edinburgh Fringe Debut Show, which looks like it will be finally happening this yearrrrrr!!!! WOO!! After my favourite venue offered me a spot for 2020 for my debut (which was so exciting) but then obviously everything got cancelled because of Covid, I cannot tell you how happy I am that it's looking like I might be able to do my show this year! It has been really tough for everyone these last few years, but if you have some spare dosh, and you like what I do, and you'd like to chuck a few £'s my way to help me take my show to the big festivals, then I would be eternally grateful! Or if cash is tight right now and you want to help cheer creatives on in another way - a like, a retweet, and a follow, all go a long way! Big love xx

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