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Herr Kaschke

Heya! You can call me Herr Kaschke aka Herr Kaschke and I'm from Germany. 🍌🦍 I like to mix video game, anime & lo-fi aesthetics with chill, pop, jazz, hip hop, trap & EDM and spice them up with crazy, retrostyle chip sounds and pitched vocals to a genre-free beautiful stream of sounds. I also like to combine my music with video games 💛💚🖤❤️💜🤎🧡💙 My favorite "job" during the year is making music for the Indie Arena Booth. I'm also part of the rock band The Wooden Box and the cinematic epicness of the band 3typen. 🦄🍭🦩🦧🐈🖖🏼. You can buy me a coffee (but I also like tea, but mostly bananas) and I will use the money for my music and life (bananas). Very important note: I do not accept co-fi donations for playlist features. I only made this site if you want to buy me a coffee and you like my music 💋🦍

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