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Kelly Kilmer

Welcome! I'm so happy that you are here. I'm Kelly. I love paint, paper, books, film and trees. You'll often find me standing at my easel with a pencil or brush in my hand. (If I'm not there, check the bed where I sit with my journal and books all around me. If I'm not there, I may be running around Hollyweird collecting autographs with my fellow cinephile husband, David. If we're not there, check the local used bookstores.) I use my work to tell stories in book form, working usually in hand bound, altered books. My go-to mediums are acrylic paint, pencil, collage and crayon. I taught in-person art workshops for over twenty years. Recently, I've been devoting my time to teaching online workshops. I've set up a workshop community for painting, drawing, collage and more called The Art Life: Workshop. (I love it. I think you'd love it, too. Ask me about it!) I believe that art should be accessible to everyone. I've set up this space in the hope of being able to share more of my work, ideas, tips, tricks with you. I've offered pay-what-you-can workshops via my blog and hope to continue in the same way on this page. I have lots of ideas and things to share! Thanks for being here!! I greatly appreciate your interest and support.

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