M. R. Struble

I grew up with dyslexia undiagnosed until 5th grade and struggled with reading and writing. I was often seen as just being lazy or stupid and not as a child with a learning disability. After being diagnosed it was still a struggle and reading was always a chore I had to do, not something I wanted to do. In high school I had a teacher who helped show me how books could be enjoyable and encouraged me to journey into these realms of fantasy. It was a struggle at first and I would often have to reread full pages because things wouldn’t make sense, or I missed lines or words. I will always remember that journey as it is what slingshot me into my love of reading and eventually my love for writing. I was often told I would never amount to anything, but I never give up and I plan to prove them wrong again. My dream is to some day publish the books I am working on, but I will be happy just sharing it with other in hopes that they will enjoy it and maybe be encouraged to follow their own dreams. I appreciate any support offered to help me through this exciting journey I am trying to embark on.

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