As soon as I could write, I wanted to write books. I didn't grow out of my dream. Instead, that little spark grew into a relentless fire, until it blazed so bright, I could no longer deny it. In 2009, I wrote Drift (now Ocean Heart). I spent 10 years working on improving it, learning all I could about how to get published, and queried every possible agent and publisher open to submissions. I got a few full requests, which filled me with hope, but in the end they never amounted to an offer. After a decade of this, I'd earned my stock pile of rejections. Finally I thought about self publishing. In December of 2020, I finally did it. I published my debut novel, Ocean Heart. I have blogged my journey in hopes my experiences will help others. I've created this Ko-Fi for anyone that wants to support me in my creative projects, whether that be writing my novels or creating content and resources to help others in achieving their dream.

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