Roger Davis
My name is Roger Davis, I was born in Gloucestershire, England in the summer of 1975, as of writing this I am nearly 45 years old. I have always loved fantasy since I was a small child and I was encourage by my mother to read constantly, she is also the one who introduced me to Dungeons & Dragons back in the days of the Original Red Box. I remember having friends around to play at our dining table every Sunday afternoon where they would explore ancient ruins and fight foul goblins as I spun tales of adventures and mayhem for them to enjoy. During my late teen’s early twenties, we were playing Dungeons and Dragons every night of the week that we could physically manage. These days I now run a game for my son and his friends, and we play two or three nights a week. I still listen to a lot of audible books from various authors, Brandon Sanderson being my current poison. I am now a father of five and nearly every moment of my free time I spend either writing or playing Dungeons & Dragons, to that end I discovered World Anvil and now what was once a passion project or hobby, is developing in to a fulltime commitment. To anyone who reads this or takes an interest in the worlds I have created, I thankyou as I take great pleasure in knowing that others also enjoy the lands that I create, please feel free to contact me should you have any suggestions or just want to talk about the places I have created, the best way to do this is to join my discord server which is linked below.

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