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I am The Smartest Moron, a man on YouTube who reviews video games, but also analyzes stories and characters that I find enjoyable, and the occasional game where elements do fail. My goal is to share my love of gaming and the stories they carry, as well as learn from them too to become a better person.

The Smartest Moron
I am The Smartest Moron, a video game reviewer on YouTube. My focus analyzing characters and plots within game, and sharing my love of them through my videos. However, I also seek to better myself through making these videos. Doing these reviews have honestly helped my mental state for the better, even if I am not even close to the popularity of others.

While I do have a Patreon page, I am opening this account for more direct donations since not everyone can do a monthly one, and that's completely understandable. Really, the goal with this one is to help make sure I am fed (college loans and insurance drain the hell out of my paycheck), but any extra cash given here will of course be used to try to improve my content as well, like getting a 3DS capture device, and even a new laptop to make editing easier.

And don't worry if you cannot support me. Just liking or sharing my content is reward enough.

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