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Hi! I'm Leah, illustrator and comic artist, lover of character design and author of the webcomic Teach Me To Kill.
On my free time I like to work on learning animation, sculpture and interactive stuff.
Right now all my focus is put on my webcomic and hope it can stay like this, so all support is really appreciated!

I'm an illustrator, comic artist and graphic designer. I'm a huge horror genre lover and I'm a sucker for horror comedies like What we do in the shadows and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil or Evil Dead. Funny though since I can't stand horror videogames, they stress the hell out of me.
Right now I'm trying to work full time on my own webcomic called Teach Me To Kill.
An horror comedy about a school for villains and killers! Filled with mystery, cute characters and moments but creepy ones too, action, romance, blood here and there... Imagine what would happen if all the horror movie villains had to go to a school to learn their killing ways and become the legends they are.

Donations will be used, besides in coffee obviously, in saving to move out and get more art supplies to work faster, better and be able to produce more stuff.
In my wishlist there are: Cintiq (to work faster), Printer (for prints), Cameo Silhouette (for cutting and producing stickers), sewing clases (for plushie making),...
To name a few.
There's not much I want besides more stuff to work with and a place to live and call my own.
Any support is really appreciated and means a lot!

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