The French Fury
Hey! You've found the (sorta) super (not very) secret HQ for the French Fury Post! Every $10 you drop in the tip jar earns you a hand-drawn postcard to yourself, a crush, someone you miss, or someone you don't quite get!* You can even get a monthly sub (just be sure to let me know which address to send to), technology's awesome! Dealer's choice for the artwork, so be advised that I may slip a nipple or butt cheek every now and again. Be mindful of that! If you choose to send to a younger human or an elder with a pacemaker, be sure to make a note of it, and I'll be on my best behaviour. I'm not a monster! *You made it to the asterisk! If you don't actually want to get a postcard and just want to support my silly work and endeavours with some monetary tokens, that's totally okay too. I appreciate your support either way!

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